Menna van Praag’s “Dress Shop of Dreams”

First off, I would like to state that I recently finished another one of van Praag's novels for an advance review from Netgalley called The Witches of Cambridge, which I loved. For that full review, please click here. That being said, The Dress Shop of Dreams is a very different story from van Praag's most recent offering. … Continue reading Menna van Praag’s “Dress Shop of Dreams”


That feeling you get when a book shipment comes in…

Sorry, this isn't a review, just a little fan girl feeling of getting long-awaited books in the mail. So much reading to be done!   Carry on. Three months to beach reading!

“The Witches of Cambridge”- A bewitching read

Thank you Netgalley and Random House for the pleasure of reading this novel. The Witches of Cambridge follows the stories of Kat, George, Amandine, Noa, Heloise, and Cosima, all witches of a different flavor, as they go about life in modern-day Cambridge. Their lives are all entwined at the college, where they have magical meetings … Continue reading “The Witches of Cambridge”- A bewitching read