Banned Books Week

Apologies for the rare double post, but I have to acknowledge Banned Book Week. Banned Book Week, which started yesterday, celebrates the freedom to read whatever you choose, and have access to all writings despite popularity, perceived vulgarity, or ideology of a given place. It is incredibly important that books are freely accessible despite how … Continue reading Banned Books Week


ARC Review: “Little Bookshop of Murder” by Maggie Blackburn

Thank you, Netgalley and Crooked Lane Books, for this ARC of Maggie Blackburn's new series! What may not be apparent on my blog is that I have a secret semi-guilty pleasure for cozy mysteries. Beyond that, I love cozy mysteries that include "book people," whether it be librarians, book sellers, or book cafes. So when I … Continue reading ARC Review: “Little Bookshop of Murder” by Maggie Blackburn