#5OnMyTBR – Historical

Good morning, all, and happy Monday!

A couple of months ago, I started this weekly book challenge hosted by E. @ Local Bee Hunter’s Nook called #5OnMyTBR, and I really enjoyed the exercise. It occurs every Monday when they post about 5 books on their TBR. You can learn more about it here or in the post announcing it.

This week’s theme is Historical. I have to admit, I read a lot of *pseudo* historical books (historical fantasy, mystery, etc), so you may judge me on the lightness of the history. But I can’t help myself. Always interested in recommendations for more serious history, also.

Murder on Cold Street

1. Murder on Cold Street, by Sherry Thomas

  • Why I’m Excited: This is book five of the Lady Sherlock series, and I have no doubt I will love it as much as prior books. Set in Victorian England, the series not only gives Sherlock buffs a great pastiche, but it also does a great job of showcasing social mores of the time.
  • Bonus: This is one of my instant preorders, so it is sitting on my shelf waiting for me to read it.

The Lions of Fifth Avenue

2. The Lions of Fifth Avenue, by Fiona Davis

  • Why I’m Excited: While I don’t normally read straight historical fiction, Fiona Davis is an exception. I got to read The Address as an ARC and I loved it, and I preordered Lions as soon as I read the synopsis. A 1913 radical women’s suffragist group? AND it is set in the New York Public Library?! I am so in. Also a huge fan of her split time narrative style. A good gateway into historical fiction.

The Library of Legends

3. The Library of Legends, by Janie Chang

  • Why I’m Excited: I don’t know if anyone else sees a trend, but I love books where books play a central role. I don’t know much Chinese history, but this sounds captivating – student refugees traveling in order to save a collection of ancient collection of myths from being destroyed by Japanese bombers. This is fairly recent history (1937), so I will probably do some historical research before reading.

Women of the Dunes

4. Women of the Dunes, by Sarah Maine

  • Why I’m Excited: Sarah Maine is one of those authors I haven’t read much of, but what I have read I’ve loved. She sets her books in Scotland in the outer islands (love!) and have the split narrative style I love. and strong female protagonists, yes. This one is split between 9th century Viking times, a current archaeological dig, and a Victorian murder. A little confused, but all amazing.

5. Bellewether, by Susanna Kearsley

  • Why I’m Excited: Susanna Kearsley is another author who I haven’t had much experience with, but whose split narrative historical novels are delightful. She also throws in a dash of magical realism, so how can you beat that? I am a big fan of ghosts that aren’t horror, and the idea of a doomed romance from Civil War era New York sounds like fun.
  • Bonus: It’s set on Long Island! Represent!

That’s all for this week, folks! Come chat with me – any thoughts?

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