Out now: “Murder at an Irish Christmas” by Carlene O’Connor

Apologies for the interruption of regularly scheduled programming, but I have to tell you that Murder at an Irish Christmas, the newest Irish Village Mystery, is out now! I had such a pleasure reviewing this ARC, because Carlene O’Connor does such an awesome job of showing Ireland’s little towns and beautiful seaside ruggedness. I also love Siobhán and the whole O’Sullivan brood, so every new installment of this series is a treat.

It may seem weird to read a book set around Christmas in late October/early November, but it somehow felt even more festive, like a break from spooky season, or a sneak peak at festivities. There is a beautiful tree decorated with beachy items, wonderful Christmas traditions, and baked bread. Who can ask for more?

So pick up Murder at an Irish Christmas here or here, and if you haven’t started this series yet, pick up book one (Murder in an Irish Village)) here or for sale for $4.99 on Kindle. Happy reading, all!


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