#5OnMyTBR – Autumn Reads

Good morning and happy Tuesday! I am calling this “fake Monday” because Labor Day and all, and I refuse to labor on said Monday. Thus, my TBR is a day late. However, since Autumn is by far my favorite month (I am a November baby), I couldn’t not do this one.

A couple of months ago, I started this weekly book challenge hosted by E. @ Local Bee Hunter’s Nook called #5OnMyTBR, and I really enjoyed the exercise. It occurs every Monday when they post about 5 books on their TBR.

This week’s theme is Autumn Reads. What does that mean, do you ask? I guess we will find out as we sort through our TBRs.

1. A Curse of Ash & Embers, by Jo Spurrier

  • Why I’m Excited: Real talk, normally I am super wary of books that follow the “An X of X & X” title formula. However, this premise sounds really good. Closed universe forest dark fantasy, with a dead witch that set up a curse, a monster looming in the woods, and a meddling wizard. I couldn’t resist.
  • Autumn? The color of the cover, nah, but the spooky title and description gives me the fun Halloween shivers.

2. The Orphan of Cemetery Hill, by Hester Fox

  • Why I’m Excited: This is my first Hester Fox on my TBR, but basically everything she has written is on it. I loved 1800s and turn of the century lit especially when it comes with “witchy shit.”
  • Autumn? That dress is my autumn aesthetic. Also, girl who can speak to dead and works in a cemetery? Hell to the yes.
  • Bonus: Out September 15!!!!

3. Dark Archives: A Librarian’s Investigation into the Science and History of Books Bound in Human Skin, by Megan Rosenbloom

  • Why I’m Excited: Macabre books and a real life librarian on a quest/research assignment replete with scientists and detectives. This gives me the good dark academia shivers.
  • Autumn? Dead people on books and a pumpkin colored cover. I’ll read this with a PSL, thanks. Also, out October 20!

4. The Travelling Cat Chronicles, by Hiro Arikawa

  • Why I’m Excited: A cat with a crooked tail and his human go on a road trip through Japan. It is told from the POV of the cat and various humans, and I just know it is going to be a tear jerker. I have owned this for years and need to dig into it.
  • Autumn? This takes place over multiple seasons, but that cover does it for me.

5. Hallowe’en Party, by Agatha Christie

  • Why I’m Excited: This is number 39 in the Hercule Poirot series, and I have loved probably 90% of all Poirot books I have read (I have read up to #33). He is still a delight to read.
  • Autumn? I admit, this one is a bit of a “gimme,” since it literally has Halloween in the title. But who can resist? And to be fair, I will be reading this by the end of the year. Also, pumpkin cover.


I guess, Autumn for me is spooky. It is warm colors in shades of falling leaves, and hot toddies and pumpkin lattes (I accept that this is basic). It is picking apples and the end of hurricane season and all things witchy. It is the beginning of the end and feels spontaneous and gleefully macabre.

What are your thoughts on Autumn, and what are your TBR autumn reads? Have you read any of these? Let’s chat!


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