Has anyone else ever just said “eff it” to everything you need to read, and reread some of your old favorites? That was my weekend.

I just binge read the whole Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews, since I had such a craving after reading the newest Emerald Blaze and reviewing it. It took all weekend, but dang was it worth it.


  • Nevada and Rogan have a more compelling love story. That is a shitty thing to say, since Catalina is very cool in her own right, but they do. Alessandro the eye candy / assassin kind of comes out of left field with his love for Catalina, and I don’t buy it as much.
  • These covers. Can someone please fire these people? Catalina, Nevada, and Arabella are supposed to be a golden tan from some unknown heritage on the dad’s side, and yet these lily white girls on the covers will blind you. Also, Alessandro and Rogan are supposed to be classically Italian with darker skin tones. I am so sick and tired of whitewashed covers with sexy poses that don’t indicate the story at all. The Andrews team should have fought their publisher on this one.
  • Sleep is overrated. We can sleep when we are dead. Books are life.

Key take: Read these despite the awful covers. You won’t regret it. Ilona Andrews writes magic. The sex, meh. But it is hot enough to indulge a little.

I swear I will get back to real reading soon. This just had to get out of my system. New reviews to come shortly.


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