Quick PSA: Support your local indie bookstores

We are all guilty of it – buying from Amazon regardless of the other options at our fingertips. It is quick, convenient, and frankly one of the most comprehensive places to buy both physical and e-books (and if you use Amazon Smile, you may even get to help a charity along the way).

However, with the recent e-book return policy controversy and general awfulness to small businesses, it is always important to try and resist temptation when buying books from Amazon. That’s why Bookshop is doing its part to support local bookstores this Prime Day, and provide free shipping all day today. Go check it out before you impulse buy the entire Game of Thrones series! Bookshop allows you to choose a specific book store you’d like to support, and if not, then the proceeds go to a pool dedicated to helping all indie bookstores in the nation. Trust me, you’re gonna love it.


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