Quick PSA: Support your local indie bookstores

We are all guilty of it - buying from Amazon regardless of the other options at our fingertips. It is quick, convenient, and frankly one of the most comprehensive places to buy both physical and e-books (and if you use Amazon Smile, you may even get to help a charity along the way). However, with … Continue reading Quick PSA: Support your local indie bookstores


Banned Books Week

Apologies for the rare double post, but I have to acknowledge Banned Book Week. Banned Book Week, which started yesterday, celebrates the freedom to read whatever you choose, and have access to all writings despite popularity, perceived vulgarity, or ideology of a given place. It is incredibly important that books are freely accessible despite how … Continue reading Banned Books Week


Has anyone else ever just said "eff it" to everything you need to read, and reread some of your old favorites? That was my weekend. I just binge read the whole Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews, since I had such a craving after reading the newest Emerald Blaze and reviewing it. It took all … Continue reading Book-crastination

A quick PSA on the National Emergency Library

Hi all, sorry for the non- book review post. However, I find this issue to be particularly important and given the controversy, I think it is important to talk about it. The Trouble with "Free" Books The Internet Archive has recently launched what they call a "National Emergency Library," which they explain will allow readers … Continue reading A quick PSA on the National Emergency Library