My Current TBR (And a plea for recommendations)

I have accidentally swamped myself with books that need to be read (what else is new?) while I have too much going on to devote to it. Currently, from First To Read, I have these ARCS in my TBR:


  • Emily Griffin’s First Comes Love, which is about two sisters years after the tragic death of their brother and the ways they cope later. This book just hit shelves on June 28th, but I have been avoiding it like the plague because it seems sad. Has anyone read it that can recommend or discourage?


  • Harmony by Carolyn Parkhurst, which I started but put down in favor of Forrest Leo’s The Gentleman (which I am thoroughly enjoying). This is about a family that ends up moving to a “family camp” which seems to be aimed at families with children on the spectrum that I am already suspecting involves a cult. On shelves August 2nd,  so I have time to re-visit this little number about family ties.


  • The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living by Louise Miller, on shelves August 9th, which is about a Boston pastry chef who needs to change scenery after a bit of a “burn out” at her last location. She moves to a little town in Vermont with her family, with the various romance and family dramas that small town novels bring. I am super looking forward to this and wish I could skip right to it! Could use a little romantic comedy in my life right now. Has anyone picked this up yet that can give me a thumbs up?


  • Lastly, I have War and Turpentine by Stefan Hartmans, which was apparently originally published in 2013 and is getting re-published August 9th. Here is a young man who is given his WWII grandfather’s journals that tell the story of his grandfather’s life, from Nazi-occupied Germany to various marriages and a constant love of painting. I am looking forward to this little volume as well, since it sounds heartbreaking and beautiful. Tears may ensue.

What is on your TBR pile?? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “My Current TBR (And a plea for recommendations)

    1. @soenthralled I know the feeling! the pile never shrinks! I actually just finished the City Baker’s Guide, which was really cute, in a formulaic sort of small-town romance way. What is your current need-to read on your TBR?!


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